A few months after having my first baby, I was feeling very lethargic, generally under the weather and having trouble sleeping. I visited Jemma as a friend recommended acupuncture and I was amazed by the boost in my energy levels – not to mention sleep patterns – after just a few treatments. I now visit the clinic once a month to help keep things ‘on track’ – but I am well & truly converted!” Mrs C Eglington, Stafford – Post-natal acupuncture treatment

I put my back out – an old injury – while on a trip to London and found it impossible to escape the pain, whether sitting, lying down or walking. As soon as I got home I looked for an acupuncturist as I had tried lots of different painkillers and therapies in the past. I went into the clinic with an open mind, but as soon as the needles went in it felt as though the pain was draining from my lower back down and out through my leg. There was an immediate improvement and, after several more treatments I felt back to normal. I’ve not suffered a recurrence since, but if I do I will be going back to see Jemma straight away” Miss CC Rhodes, Stafford – Acupuncture treatment for back pain

Jemma has helped me enormously with chronic migraines, neck pain and period problems and I have been able to stop the medication that I took on a daily basis.  During the time I have been having acupuncture, Jemma has also treated other illnesses and ailments as they occurred with remarkable results.  Jemma is approachable, friendly and professional explaining how acupuncture works and the treatment plan.  She was also able to offer really helpful nutritional and lifestyle advice to enhance the treatment sessions.  If you are disappointed that treatment for your medical problems has been a prescription for more medication, then I would recommend you give acupuncture a try – bringing balance back into the body can really make a difference. Jemma is flexible with appointments so even the busiest people will be able to find a convenient appointment time! Thank you Jemma, my quality of life is much improved since I found you!
Ms S Carter, Stafford – Acupuncture treatment for chronic migraine & menstrual issues